Penstemon Database

Name Common Name Distribution Range Colors
Penstemon abietinus Fir Leaf Penstemon Fish Lake Plateau. Sevier Co., with a collection at BRY from Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah Co. Golden yellow
Penstemon absarokensis In or along the Absaroka Range, Park Co. and Fremont Co., Wyoming.
Penstemon acaulis Stemless Beardtongue Endemic to a small area from McKinnon (Sweetwater County, Wyoming) to 15 mi south of Manila (Daggett County, Utah). Golden yellow
Penstemon acuminatus var. acuminatus Columbia River basin in south-central Washington and adjacent Oregon and the west Snake River Plains, southwest through southeast Oregon and northwest Nevada to north Mineral County and adjacent Nye County Old dunes and sandy sagebrush flats, Upper Sonoran Zone; in Washington from Grant County to Walla Walla and Klickitat Counties; also in Malheur and Harney Counties, Oregon, east to Idaho.
Penstemon acuminatus var. latebracteatus Columbia River basin in south-central Washington and adjacent Oregon and the west Snake River Plains, southwest through southeast Oregon and northwest Nevada to north Mineral County and adjacent Nye County Old dunes and sandy sagebrush flats, Upper Sonoran Zone; in Washington from Grant County to Walla Walla and Klickitat Counties; also in Malheur and Harney Counties, Oregon, east to Idaho.
Penstemon alamosensis Has not been found to the north in the White Mountains. In Alamo Canyon which is on the west slope of the Sacramento Mountains southeast of Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico.
Penstemon albertinus Southeast B.C. and southwest Alberta to west Montana and central and southwest Idaho (Owyhee Mountains). Golden yellow
Penstemon albidus White Penstemon Alberta to Manitoba, and southward to Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Sometimes in Colorado. This species has a broad range throughout the Great Plains of North America. pale yellow to white
Penstemon albomarginatus Mojave Desert of eastern California, southern Nevada, and northwestern Arizona. Type locality: Goodsprings, Nevada, near Yucca (Mohave County).
Penstemon alluviorum Near the Missippi and Ohio Rivers from Mississippi and Arkansas to southern Ohio.
Penstemon ambiguus var. ambiguus South Nevada (Charleston Mountains), across south Utah (as far north as the San Rafael swell, Emery County) and north Arizona, east to south Colorado, Kansas, west Oklahoma, west Texas, and north Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon ambiguus var. laevissimus South Nevada (Charleston Mountains), across south Utah (as far north as the San Rafael swell, Emery County) and north Arizona, east to south Colorado, Kansas, west Oklahoma, west Texas, and north Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon ammophilus Canaan Mt., Washington Co., Utah. Garfield, Kane, and Washington (type from Canaan Mts.) counties. purple or violet
Penstemon amphorellae Northern plains and plateau of Mexico.
Penstemon angelicus Palm Canyon, Isla Angel de la Guarda, and Baja California Norte, Mexico.
Penstemon anguineus Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, southwestward to Humboldt and Glenn Counties, California. Type locality: Shelley Creek, Del Norte County, California.
Penstemon angustifolius var. angustifolius The Dakotas and east Montana, south through the high plains to northeast New Mexico and west across north New Mexico to southeast, central and northeast Utah and northeast Arizona.
Penstemon angustifolius var. caudatus Eastern Kansas to eastern Colorado and southward to northern New Mexico and western Oklahoma. In Colorado, from Weld County eastward and southward. One specimen also from Montezuma County of the western slope.
Penstemon angustifolius var. dulcis West central Utah. golden
Penstemon angustifolius var. venosus East Garfield County and San Juan County, Utah, east Coconino County and north parts of Navajo and Apache counties, Arizona, San Juan County, New Mexico and a disjunct on the Millard sand-dunes, on the Millard-juab County line, Utah. golden
Penstemon angustifolius var. vernalensis East Uinta Basin, Utah.
Penstemon arenarius Nevada Dune Beardtongue Endemic to west Nevada, from the vicinity of Tonopah in northwest Nye and south Mineral counties, north to Fallon region, Churchill County, Nevada. pale yellow to white
Penstemon arenicola Southwest Wyoming in the Red Desert region of Carbon and Sweetwater counties west to Lincoln and Uinta counties; entering the region in Daggett and Uintah counties, Utah. In Colorado, only in north-western Moffat County.
Penstemon aridus Spanish Basin, Cedar Mountain, Beaver Head County, Lima, Willow Creek, all Montana. Golden yellow
Penstemon arkansanus Arkansas Penstemon Arkansas, sw Missouri, eastern Oklahoma. Ozark and Ouachita plateaus from the White River southward, westward to eastern border of the Osage Plains; extending southeastward along the Arkansas River into the West Gulf Coastal Plain, to Lincoln County, Arkansas. pale yellow
Penstemon attenuatus var. attenuatus Taper-leaved Penstemon, Sulphur Penstemon Central Washington to Western Montana, south through Northeast Oregon and western Idaho. Type locality: Craig Mountains, Idaho. Golden yellow
Penstemon attenuatus var. militaris Central Idaho and adjacent Montana, south to Cache Peak (Albion) Mountains, Cassia County, Idaho. orangish-yellow
Penstemon attenuatus var. palustris East Washington to west Montana, south to east Oregon, Idaho, and northwest Wyoming. Marshy places in the southern Blue Mountains, Oregon (Baker and Grant Counties). Type locality: John Day River at Prairie City, Oregon. Golden yellow
Penstemon attenuatus var. pseudoprocerus Southwest Montana, east Idaho, and northwest Wyoming; possibly entering our region in the northeast Snake River Plains.
Penstemon atwoodii Endemic to the Kaiparowits Plateau and Smoky Mountain in adjacent parts of Garfield and Kane counties, Utah. yellow
Penstemon auriberbis East-central Colorado to northern New Mexico. From the Platte-Arkansas divide southward at the base of the mountains and on the plains to the southern border. yellow
Penstemon australis Coastal Plain and Piedmont, Central Florida to Mississippi and South Virginia. Yellow to golden brown
Penstemon azureus var. angustissimus Sierran foothills from Butte to Fresno Counties, California; rare in western Glenn County; Yosemite Valley.
Penstemon azureus var. azureus Southwestern Oregon to Humboldt, Glenn, and Placer Counties, California, rare southward to Fresno County. Type locality: dry streams of the Sacramento Valley.
Penstemon baccharifolius Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos, distributed in Mexico in the states of Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.
Penstemon barbatus var. barbatus South parts of Utah and Colorado, south through north and east Arizona, New Mexico, and Tran-pecos Texas to Mexico. not applicable
Penstemon barbatus var. torreyi South parts of Utah and Colorado, south through north and east Arizona, New Mexico, and Tran-pecos Texas to Mexico. not applicable
Penstemon barbatus var. trichander Southwest Colorado, southeast Utah (Abajo Mountains), northeast Arizona, and northwest New Mexico.
Penstemon barnebyi Barneby's Beardtongue Endemic to east-central Nev. from the s. half of White Pine Co. to n. Lincoln Co. and nc. Nye County. Golden yellow
Penstemon barrettiae Columbia River Gap in Klickitat County, Washington, and Wasco and Hood River Counties, Oregon.
Penstemon bicolor var. bicolor Southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona. Golden yellow
Penstemon bicolor var. roseus Local in southern Clark County, Nevada, and western Mohave County, Arizona. Golden yellow
Penstemon bleaklyi The 1.69 billion-year old Jaroso Creek formation in the Culebra Range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in north-central New Mexico.
Penstemon bolanius Sierra de los huicholes, Jalisco, Mexico. Sierra Madre, west of Bolanos, Jalisco. yellow
Penstemon bracteatus Endemic to the Paunsaugunt Plateau in the region of Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Park, Garfield County, Utah. Golden yellow
Penstemon breviculus South Grand County and San Juan County, Utah, Montezuma County, Colorado, and San Juan County, New Mexico. Dry rocky slopes, Upper Sonoran and Transition Zones; in California through the Coast Ranges from Alameda County to Los Angeles County, thence north into the southern Sierra Nevada, occasional to the Lake Tahoe region. Golden yellow
Penstemon brevisepalus Appalachian Plateau, Tennessee and Kentucky.
Penstemon buckleyi North Dakota and eastern Montana, southward to northern New Mexico. In Colorado, from Sedgewick to Larimer Counties and then southward at the base of the mountains to northern New Mexico; apparently very infrequent in the southernmost counties. Golden yellow
Penstemon caesius Southern Sierra Nevada and the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, California.
Penstemon caespitosus var. caespitosus Mat Penstemon Southwest and south-central Wyoming, northwest Colorado, and northeast Utah (in the Uinta Mountains and south of Woodruff, Rich County and east rim of Strawberry Valley, Wasatch County). and a disjunct station in the Confusion Range, Millard County, Utah. Golden yellow
Penstemon caespitosus var. desertipicti Paunsaugunt Plateau (Red and Bryce canyon area), Utah, south to Painted Desert and Grand Canyon regions, north Arizona.
Penstemon caespitosus var. perbrevis Tavaputs, Wasatch, and Aquarius plateaus.
Penstemon caespitosus var. suffruticosus Endemic to central Utah in the Tushar Plateau, eastern Beaver County, Piute County, and northwest Garfield County, and the north end of the Markagunt Plateau (between Parowan and Panguitch), Iron County.
Penstemon calcareus Grapevine Mountains, north end of Death Valley, and Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert, California. Golden yellow
Penstemon californicus California Beardtongue Upper Sonoran Zone; San Jacinto Mountains, California, to Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California. Golden yellow
Penstemon calycosus North Alabama to Illinois and Ohio. Golden yellow
Penstemon campanulatus var. campanulatus Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Puebla, Mexico & Federal District, Morelos, Michoacan, Zacate-Cas, and Durango.
Penstemon campanulatus var. chihuahuensis San Luis Mountains of northern Chihuahua, from the Sierra Madre, near Colonia Garcia, Chihuahua.
Penstemon canescens Blue Ridge and Appalachian provinces, Alabama to Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina; rarely in the Piedmont in South Vermont. Yellow to golden brown
Penstemon cardinalis var. cardinalis Endemic to the Guadalupe Mountains of Culberson County, Texas and Eddy County, New Mexico.
Penstemon cardinalis var. regalis Endemic to the Guadalupe Mountains of Culberson County, Texas and Eddy County, New Mexico. Collected on White Mountain Peak just above the forks of Ruidoso Creek.
Penstemon cardwellii West of the crest of the Cascades, Skamania County, Washington, to Josephine and Curry Counties, Oregon. Type locality: base of Mount Hood.
Penstemon carnosus Endemic to east Utah from the Uinta Basin, south to the San Rafael Swell, Henry Mountains and the east and south sides of the Aquarius, Paunsaugunt and Markagunt plateaus. pale yellow
Penstemon caryi Cary's Penstemon - named in honor of Merritt Cary Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and Pryor Mountains of Montana. pale yellow
Penstemon centranthifolius Coast Ranges of California from Lake County to San Diego County, south to the Sierra San Pedro Martir, Lower California. Type locality: Nova, California. not applicable
Penstemon cerrosensis Cedros Island Penstemon Known only from Cedros Island, just off the west coast from Guerrero Negra, Baja Calilfornia, Mexico.
Penstemon cinicola East side of the Cascade Range from Deschutes to Klamath counties, Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, east to Lake County, Oregon; entering the region at Button Springs, Lake County.
Penstemon cleburnei Cleburne's Penstemon Southwest Wyoming (Uinta, Sweetwater, and Carbon counties) and northeast Utah (Daggett County). Golden yellow
Penstemon clevelandii var. clevelandii Cleveland's Penstemon San Diego County, California, to Baja California. Type locality: Canyon Tantillas, Lower California.
Penstemon clevelandii var. connatus The western side of the Colorado Desert, Riverside County, California. Type locality: near Van Deventer's, southeastern base of San Jacinto Mountains.
Penstemon clevelandii var. mohavensis Occasional from the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the Sheephole Mountains, along the southern edge of the Mojave Desert, California, Keyes Ranch.
Penstemon clutei Central Coconino County, Arizona, in the region about Sunset Crater, northeast of Flagstaff. Type locality: Collected in lava sand, Painted Desert, north of San Francisco Peaks, Arizona. pale yellow
Penstemon cobaea var. cobaea Foxglove Penstemon Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and New Mexico. pale yellow
Penstemon cobaea var. purpureus
Penstemon comarrhenus Dusty Penstemon "Throughout the Utah Plateaus and laccolithic Mountains of the Canyon Lands to southwest Colorado and northeast Arizona and sporadically west across the Great Basin in the Wah Wah and Needle ranges, Beaver County, Utah and the White Rock Moutains (Deer Lodge) and Cave Valley of Lincoln County, Nevada." - Holmgren (1984)
Penstemon compactus Endemic to the north Bear River Range in the vicinity of Tony Grove and White Pine lakes and Mt. Naomi, Cache County, Utah, north to Copper Lake of Franklin Basin, Franklin County, Idaho.
Penstemon concinnus Tunnel Springs Penstemon West Utah in the Burbank Hills, Wah Wah Mountains, and Needle Range, Millard and Beaver counties and adjacent Nevada in Snake Creek, Snake Range, White Pine County. pale yellow to white
Penstemon confertus Scorched Penstemon, Yellow Penstemon British Columbia, south through Washington east of the Cascades to northeastern Oregon, east to Alberta and Montana, between Salmon River and the Kettle Falls in the Columbia.
Penstemon confusus Owens Valley Penstemon East Nevada in west Nye, White Pine, Lincoln, and Clark counties, and southwest Utah from Juab to Washington County east to Utah, Piute, and Sevier. Arid sandy slopes, Upper Sonoran Zone; hills surrounding Owens Valley, Mono and Inyo Counties, California. (Holmgren 1984)
Penstemon coriaceus Jarritos, Arehtos, or Perritos Penstemon Rocky hills southwest of San Luis Potosi, Cerro Silva, 30 miles north of Ojuelos. Aguascalientes: Sierra del Laurel, 10 miles southeast of Calvillo. Zacatecas: mountain top 24 miles north of Fresnillo, near Tropic of Cancer. Jalisco: Cerro de los Gallos, 15 miles south of Aguascalientes. pale yellow to white
Penstemon crandallii var. atratus Crandall's Penstemon LaSal Mountains, Utah. Golden yellow
Penstemon crandallii var. crandallii Crandall's Penstemon Central and southwest Colorado to southeast Utah (Abajo Mountains). Golden yellow
Penstemon cusickii Cusick's Penstemon, Basalt Penstemon Southwest Idaho from Blaine County west to Washington, Payette, Canyon, and Owyhee counties and in east Oregon in south Union, Baker, east Grant, Harney, and Malheur counties. Upper Sonoran Zone, on the banks of Powder River or Eagle Creek, northeast Oregon.
Penstemon cyananthus var. cyananthus Wasatch Penstemon Wasatch Mts. Sect. from Mt. Nebo to the Caribou Mts. and in the Oquirrh Mts. of the Bonneville Basin Section. yellow
Penstemon cyananthus var. subglaber Wasatch Penstemon Mountains southeast of the Snake River Plains from Box Elder County, Utah and Cassia County, Idaho to Fremont County, Idaho; also in west Wyoming (Teton, Lincoln, and Uinta counties) and reappearing in the Oquirrh and Tintic mountains and foothills of Mt. Nebo (Juab and Utah counties), Utah. yellow
Penstemon cyaneus Southwest Montana (Park, Gallatin, and Madison counties), northwest Wyoming (Park and Teton counties and Yellowstone National Park), extending west into Idaho across south Lemhi and Custer counties to Elmore County and south onto the edge of the Snake River Plains.
Penstemon cyanocaulis Blue Stem Penstemon "West parts of Mesa and Montrose counties, Colorado, and in Utah in the Canyon Lands, on the slopes of the LaSal Mountains and mesas in vicinity of Dead Horse Point, Grand and San Juan counties and at the edge of the desert along the north Wasatch Plateau and West Tavaputs Plateau, Emery and Carbon counties." Holmgren (1984) Golden yellow
Penstemon cyathophorus Sagebrush Penstemon Grand and Jackson Counties in northern Colorado and Carbon and Sweetwater Counties of adjacent southern Wyoming. Golden yellow
Penstemon dasyphyllus Cochise Beardtongue Restricted to Brewster County. Also north Mexico, south Arizona and New Mexico. Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Pima counties, Western Texas to southeastern Arizona and Chihuahua.
Penstemon davidsonii var. davidsonii Davidson's Penstemon, Creeping Penstemon Cascade Range from southern British Columbia, Canada, to the Sierra Nevada (to Tulare County) and Warner Mountains of California, and the Sweetwater Mountains, Mono County, California Boreal Zones; Mount Rainier, Washington, south through the Cascades (also in Steen Mountains, Oregon) to Tulare County, California, and in adjacent Nevada. (Holmgren 1984) pale yellow
Penstemon davidsonii var. menziesii North coast of British Columbia south through the Cascades and coastal ranges to Kittitas and Lewis Counties, Washington. Type locality: Nutka, Vancouver Island.
Penstemon davidsonii var. praeteritus Steens Mountain of Harney County, Oregon and the Santa Rosa, Jackson, Pine Forest, and Black Rock ranges of Humboldt County, Nevada.
Penstemon deamii Apparently occurring in two small areas: extreme southern Indiana between the Ohio and Blue rivers, and near the Wabash River in Wabash Co., Illinois.
Penstemon deaveri Deaver's Penstemon, Mount Graham Penstemon Pinaleno and White mountains of eastern Arizona and the adjacent Mogollon Range of New Mexico.
Penstemon debilis Colorado, United States. Garfield County: Roan Cliffs, south side of Mount Callahan, west to southwest of Parachute on steep south exposure of Green River shale.
Penstemon degeneri Endemic to the open juniper forests of Fremont County, Colorado. Sheep Basin, northeast of Texas Creek, Harrington.
Penstemon deustus var. deustus Hotrock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon Columbia Basin, eastern Washington, to western Glenn County and central Sierra Nevada, California, east to Wyoming. pale yellow
Penstemon deustus var. pedicellatus Hotrock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon Southeast Oregon and southwest Idaho, south through east California to Mono County, the north 2/3 of Nevada, and west Box Elder County, Utah.
Penstemon deustus var. suffrutescens Hotrock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon Dry bars of Rogue River, above Agness, Curry County. not applicable
Penstemon deustus var. variabilis Hotrock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon Klickitat County, Washington, to Grant and Deschutes Counties, Oregon.
Penstemon digitalis North Alabama to Kansas and Maine. pale yellow to white
Penstemon diphyllus Mullen Pass, Soap Gulch, Silver Bow County, Montana.
Penstemon discolor Known only from at and near the type locality, Bear Canyon, Santa Catalina Mountains, and Pima County.
Penstemon dissectus Dissected Penstemon Near rock outcrops of the Altamaha Formation (Altamaha Grit). pale yellow
Penstemon distans Endemic to the southeast end of the Shivwits Plateau, Mohave County, Arizona.
Penstemon dolius Jones' Beardtongue East Nevada and west Utah to central Utah. Golden yellow
Penstemon duchesnensis Duchesne Penstemon Endemic to the western Uinta Basin, in the vicinity of Duchesne County, Utah. Golden yellow
Penstemon eatonii var. eatonii Firecracker Penstemon Nye and White Pine counties, Nevada, and Juab, Utah, and Carbon counties, Utah, south to the Mojave Desert mountains of south Inyo County and east San Bernardino County, California and south Nevada, and the plateaus and mesa of north Arizona and southwest Colorado. Occasionally in canyons, Upper Sonoran Zone. Type locality: Provo Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah.
Penstemon eatonii var. exsertus Eaton's Firecracker Penstemon eatonii occurs in an area that encompasses part of the Great Basin, the Wasatch Mountains, Utah Plateaus, and Canyon Lands of Utah, Arizona, southern California, northwest New Mexico, and southwest Colorado.
Penstemon eatonii var. undosus South Lincoln and Clark counties, Nevada, Iron, Wayne, and south Grand counties, Utah, and southwest Colorado, south to the San Bernardino Mountains of south California, to Gila and Pinal counties, Arizona and northwest New Mexico.
Penstemon elegantulus Arid Transition Zone. Cattle Camp at head of Horse Creek, Wallowa County, Oregon.
Penstemon ellipticus Near Lake Pend d'Orielle, Idaho.
Penstemon eriantherus var. argillosus North Dakota to Nebraska and northern Colorado, northwestward to western Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. In Colorado, only in northern Larimer and Weld Counties.
Penstemon eriantherus var. eriantherus Fuzzy Tongued Penstemon Southeast British Columbia and eastern Washington to southeast Oregon, central Idaho, north and eastern Wyoming, adjacent north-central Colorado, and west Nebraska; entering the region on Big Butte, Butte County, Idaho. Spokane County, Washington, north to British Columbia and Alberta, east to the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Golden yellow
Penstemon eriantherus var. redactus Furry tongued Penstemon Penstemon eriantheris var. redactus ranges from southwestern Montana across central Idaho to adjacent northeastern Oregon. Golden yellow
Penstemon eriantherus var. whitedii Arid Transition Zone; southern Chelan County, Washington. Type locality: Wenatchee.
Penstemon euglaucus Cascade Range, from Mount Adams, Washington, to Three Sisters, Oregon. Type locality: Blue Grass Ridge, Mount Hood.
Penstemon eximeus Northern District of the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico. pale yellow to white
Penstemon fasciculatus The state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon fendleri Fendler's Penstemon Throughout west Texas, east Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and west Kansas. Guthrie, Greenlees County, and in Cochise County, not common. Golden yellow
Penstemon filiformis Threadleaf Penstemon Sacramento River Canyon, Shasta County, California. Type locality: between Lamoine and Sims.
Penstemon filisepalus
Penstemon flavescens Yellow Beardtongue Alpine slopes of the Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana and northern Idaho.
Penstemon floribundus Nevada, U.S.A., Humboldt County: along the west side of the Jackson Mountains, just north of McGill Canyon, north of Sulphur (town site).
Penstemon floridus var. austinii South White, Inyo, Last Chance, Grapevine, and Panamint mountains of Inyo County, California and the south end of the Silver Peak Range of Esmeralda County, Nevada, east to Shoshone Mountain and Tolicha Peak of Nye County, Nevada. Kingston mountains, eastern San Bernardino County, California, north to the Margosa Desert, Nevada, east of Death Valley.
Penstemon floridus var. floridus Hills of the east Sierra Nevada at the north end of Owens valley and the White Mountains of Mono and north Inyo County, California, south to the Silver peak Range of Esmeralda County, Nevada. Type locality: Mount Magruder, Nevada.
Penstemon flowersii Between Randlett and Myton. Uinta Formation in the Duchesne River. yellow and violet
Penstemon franklinii Ben Franklin's Penstemon Cedar Valley, Iron County; endemic. Golden yellow
Penstemon fremontii Southwest Wyoming and Uinta Basin of northwest Colorado (Moffat and Rio Blanco counties) and northeast Utah (Duchesne and Uintah counties). yellow
Penstemon fruticiformis var. amargosae Kingston Mountains, eastern San Bernardino County, California, north to the Amargosa Desert, Nevada, east of Death Valley.
Penstemon fruticiformis var. fruticiformis Panamint, Argus, and Inyo Ranges, west of Death Valley, Inyo County, California. Type locality: Wild Rose Canyon, Panamint Mountains.
Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus Bush Penstemon South British Columbia to central Oregon, remaining east of the Cascade summits, east to west Montana and west Wyoming, entering the Owyhee Mountains of southwest Idaho. Rocky slopes in open coniferous woods, Arid Transition Zone to Hudsonian Zone. pale yellow to white
Penstemon fruticosus var. scouleri Northern Washington (Okanogan County to Pen Oreille County) to northern Idaho and British Columbia. Type locality: Kettle Falls of the Columbia.
Penstemon fruticosus var. serratus
Penstemon gairdneri var. gairdneri East Oregon, and adjacent Idaho; entering north Malheur County Rocky outcroppings, Arid Transition Zone; Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon.
Penstemon gairdneri var. oreganus Union and Baker counties, Oregon to Valley, Adams, and Washington counties, Idaho. To the east of the species in the Arid Transition Zone; Snake River watershed of eastern Oregon and adjacent Idaho. yellow
Penstemon gentianoides Southward into Chiapas and Guatemala.
Penstemon gentryi Type: Mexico, Chihuahua, Canelas, Rio Mayo.
Penstemon gibbensii Gibben's Penstemon Browns Park Formation, Colorado.
Penstemon glaber var. alpinus Southeastern Wyoming, south to northern New Mexico, and in Colorado.
Penstemon glaber var. brandegeei Brandegee's Penstemon South-central Colorado to northeast New Mexico yellow
Penstemon glaber var. glaber Southwest North Dakota and north-central South Dakota, west to northwest Wyoming, south to west Northeast and southeast Wyoming.
Penstemon glabrescens var. glabrescens Southwestern Colorado and adjacent New Mexico.
Penstemon glabrescens var. taosensis Southwestern Colorado and adjacent New Mexico. Collected at Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Penstemon glandulosus var. chelanensis Region about Wenatchee, Chelan County, Washington.
Penstemon glandulosus var. glandulosus Near the Snake River from southeast Washington and northeast Oregon and in west Idaho from Nez Perce County south to Canyon (Big WIllow) and Owyhee counties. Grassy hillsides, Arid Transition Zone; at isolated localities along the Columbia Gap and River canyons.
Penstemon glaucinus Lodgepole pine forest, Canadian Zone; Campbell Lake, east of Gearhart Mountain, Lake County, Oregon (the type locality), and south slope of Gearhart Mountain.
Penstemon globosus Wallowa Mountains, Oregon, east to central Idaho.
Penstemon goodrichii Lapoint Beardtongue Duchesne River Formation; endemic to the vicinity of Tridell and Lapoint, Uintah Co., Utah. pale yellow
Penstemon gormanii The upper Yukon River and Yukon Valley, Yukon Territory and adjacent Alaska. Golden yellow
Penstemon gracilentus Northeast California and adjacent Nevada from Lake Tahoe region of the Sierra Nevada to Mt. Shasta and Warner Mountains; entering the region in the Granite Range and on Catnip Mountain of north Washoe County, Nevada. Southern Lake County, Oregon.
Penstemon gracilis var. gracilis From Alberta south to New Mexico, and eastward to Ontario and Wisconsin. In Colorado, rather infrequent.
Penstemon gracilis var. wisconsinensis Occurs nearly wholly in the Driftless Area from the Wisconsin to the Chippewa river-valleys; apparently passing slightly out of the area into Waushara County.
Penstemon grahamii Uinta Basin, east Duchesne County and Uintah County, Utah and adjacent Rio Blanco County, Colorado.
Penstemon grandiflorus Shell-leaf Penstemon, Large-flowered Penstemon Great Plains Golden yellow
Penstemon griffinii Griffin's Penstemon Southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.
Penstemon grinnellii var. grinnellii California, occasional in the South Coast Ranges from the Mount Hamilton Range to the Santa Lucia Mountains, and in the southern Sierra Nevada, common form the Greenhorn Range and Mount Pinos to the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. Type locality: Mt. Wilson.
Penstemon grinnellii var. scrophularioides Occasionally in the South Coast Range and the southern Sierra Nevada, common from the Greenhorn Range and Mt. Pinos southward through the mountains to the San Jacinto Mts., all in California. Type locality: Mt. Wilson.
Penstemon guadalupensis Endemic to central Texas from the east Edwards Plateau to the Lampasas Cut Plains.
Penstemon hallii Hall's Penstemon Near and above timberline in the Colorado mountains from Gray's and Pike's Peaks, southwestward to the San Juan and La Plata Mountains, mostly along the Continental Divide. Golden yellow
Penstemon harbourii Only in Colorado, from the Medicine Bow range in the north, south and southwestward to the La Plata and San Juean Mountains.
Penstemon harringtonii 3-5 miles northwest of Green Mountain Dam, Grand County, Colorado; Eagle County: rather dry slope 5 miles east of Wolcott; Routt County: pinyon, cedar, sage association, 2 miles north of McCoy.
Penstemon hartwegii Limited in its natural distribution entirely or nearly entirely to a relatively small area along the upper edges of the central plateau in the state of Hidalgo.
Penstemon havardii Big-bend Penstemon Mountains of the Trans-Pecos, common in Brewster County; endemic.
Penstemon haydenii Nebraska: Cherry, Garden, Hoooker, Thomas.
Penstemon henricksonii Between Sierra de la Madera and Southwest Rancho Cerro de la Madera.
Penstemon heterodoxus var. cephalophorus Southern Sierra Nevada in Fresno and Tulare Counties largely to the west of the Kern River; at lower elevations than the typical form.
Penstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxus In the Sierra Nevada from Plumas County south to Inyo and Tulare counties, California and adjacent Nevada in the Carson Range; entering the region in the White and Sweetwater mountains, Mono County, California and Wassuk Range, Mineral County, Nevada.
Penstemon heterodoxus var. shastensis California, Siskiyou and adjacent Modoc Counties to Shasta County.
Penstemon heterophyllus var. australis Chaparral belt from Monterey County to San Diego County. Type locality: Claremont.
Penstemon heterophyllus var. heterophyllus Coast Ranges of California from Humboldt County to San Diego County.
Penstemon heterophyllus var. purdyi Rare in the Sierran foothills of California from Butte County to Placer County; common in the North Coast Ranges from Trinity and Humboldt County to San Benito County. Type locality: Mount Hamilton.
Penstemon hidalgensis Hidalgo Penstemon This species is distributed in the Altiplano Central of Mexico, in the states of Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro and Hidalgo.
Penstemon hintonii Type: Mexico, Guerrero, District of Mina, Aguazarca-Filo, northwestern Guerrero.
Penstemon hirsutus Various provinces of Canada, North of Coastal Plain, Tennessee to Wisconsin, Quebec and Maine. pale yellow to white
Penstemon humilis var. brevifolius Wasatch Range, Utah.
Penstemon humilis var. humilis Range of the species, except not in the Wasatch Range and south Markagunt Plateau. Rare in Wallowa County, Oregon, and in eastern Mono County, California, more abundant eastward and northward to western Colorado and Wyoming and central Idaho.
Penstemon humilis var. obtusifolius South Markagunt Plateau (Zion National Park), Utah.
Penstemon idahoensis Idaho, Cassia County, north of Idaho/Utah line, Goose Creek drainage, near Shoe Spring, near Devine Canyon.
Penstemon imberbis Collected near Santa Rosa, Guanajuato. Oaks area, Xichu way; 35 miles east of San Luis de la Paz to Xichu. Mainly in the region of San Luis Potosi; San Luis Potosi to Tampico; Cerro Grande, 8 kilometers northeast of Guadalcazar; El Aguilon, 28 kilometers southeast of Rio Verde. Zacatecas: in the Morones mountains, near Silver; near Prieto to Providence, near the state of Durango.
Penstemon immanifestus West parts of Tooele and Millard counties, Utah, west across Elko and White Pine counties to Pershing and Lander counties, Nevada.
Penstemon incertus Western borders of the Mojave Desert, California, from eastern base of the Sierra Nevada and Argus Mountains, Inyo County, to Antelope Valley and base of the San Bernardino Mountains. Type locality: Walker Pass.
Penstemon inflatus Manzano and Sandia Mts. of New Mexico, north to the Colorado Line.
Penstemon isophyllus On hills above Chalchicomula, Puebla, Mexico.
Penstemon jamesii Southeastern Colorado to eastern New Mexico and southwestern Texas. In Colorado, apparently only in Las Animas County.
Penstemon janishiae In the northwest part of its range from Lassen and Modoc counties, California through north Washoe County, Nevada to south Harney County, Oregon, and the south and east part from Lyon County (west of the Wassuk Range) through northwest Nye, south Lander, south Eureka, and northwest White Pine counties to central Elko County, Nevada, and Owyhee County, Idaho.
Penstemon kingii South Malheur County, Oregon, south in Nevada through the Jackson and Santa Rosa ranges of Humboldt County, the Independence, Adobe, East Humboldt, and Ruby Mountains, of Elko County, to the Desatoya Mountains of Churchill County and Gold Mountain or south Esmeralda County, the Toiyabe, Toquima, Monitor, and Kawich ranges of north Nye County, and the Schell Creek Range of White Pine County.
Penstemon kralii The south-western escapement of the Cumberland Plateau of northeastern Alabama and southeastern central Tennessee.
Penstemon labrosus Mountains of southern California, to Sierra San Pedro Martir, Lower California. Type locality: Mount Pinos.
Penstemon laetus var. laetus Central Oregon, south through the mountains of north California and the Sierra Nevada of California and adjacent Nevada; entering the region in Storey and Washoe counties, Nevada, Lassen County, California and Lake County, Oregon. In chaparral or on dry, wooded slopes, Upper Sonoran and Transition Zones; from Yuba County south to the Tehachapi Mountains and Frazier Mountain, Ventura County.
Penstemon laetus var. leptosepalus Tehama County to Placer County, California. Type locality: Butte County.
Penstemon laetus var. sagittatus South Lake County, Oregon, near Summer and Paisely lakes, southward. Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon, and Modoc County to Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, California. Type locality: Mount Shasta.
Penstemon laevigatus South-central Alabama to central Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and along the eastern seaboard. yellow to golden
Penstemon laevis East Washington County in the Zion National Park region and west Kane County from Orderville to Kanab and on the Kaibab Plateau. Cocoino County, Arizona.
Penstemon lanceolatus Southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and northern Mexico. Known from the U.S. only in the Chisos Mountains, Brewster County, Benth. Mountains of Greenlees, Graham, and Cochise counties.
Penstemon laricifolius var. exilifolius Wyoming, Albany County: Rock River, Laramie Hills, Laramie Plains, Millbrook, Cummins, Sandcreek Pass, Halleck Canyon, Red Buttes, Sheep Mountains, mouth of Woods Creek. Colorado, Larimer County: Medicine Bow Mountains, Cherokee Park.
Penstemon laricifolius var. laricifolius Larchleaf Penstemon; Larchleaf Beardtongue Occurs sparingly on dry sandstone ridges in the Red Desert (Wyoming). Big Horn Mts., Shell Creek Canyon, near Brindle Creek; Indian Rock; Washakie Co.: Lower Ten Sleep Canyon; Hot Spring Co.: Owl Creek; Natrona Co.: Bessemer, Garfield Peak, Platte River Canyon; Fremont Co.: Birds Eye, Camp Stambaugh, Wind River Mts.; Sublette Co.: Big Sandy, between Eden and Big Piney; Sweetwater Co.: Leucite Hills, Point of Rocks, Table Rock; Carbon Co.: Freezeout Hills, Saratoga. yellow to golden
Penstemon laxiflorus McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.
Penstemon laxus
Penstemon leiophyllus var. francisci-pennellii Wilson Creek Range, Lincoln County, Snake, south Schell Creek, Egan, and Grant ranges, White Pine County and northeast Nye County, Nevada.
Penstemon leiophyllus var. keckii Endemic to the Charleston Mts., Clark Co., Nevada.
Penstemon leiophyllus var. leiophyllus South Utah Plateaus and Pine Valley Mountains, Utah.
Penstemon lemhiensis Endemic to Lemhi County, Idaho, and adjacent portions of Beaverhead and Ravalli counties, Montana. Bannock Pass area of the Beaverhead Mountains. Higher elevations of the North Fork Salmon River and Panther Creek drainages and in the vicinity of Salmon.
Penstemon lentus var. albiflorus Endemic to the Abajo Mts. (including Elk Ridge), San Juan Co., Utah.
Penstemon lentus var. lentus In sandy or gravelly soils
Penstemon leonardii var. higgensii Wasatch Mountains from southeastern Idaho to southern Utah County, Utah, reappearing in Kane and Washington counties, southwestern Utah.
Penstemon leonardii var. leonardii Wasatch Range from Franklin and Bear River counties, Idaho, south in Utah to Mt. Nebo, Juab County, the Canyon Mountains, Millard County, and the San Pitch Mountains and North Wasatch Plateau of San Pete County, and sporadic across the Uinta Mountains to Mt. Watson, Uintah County, then recurring on the Kolob Plateau and Pine Valley Mountains. of Washington County, Utah.
Penstemon leonensis Collected in the Sierra Madre Oriental, on the ascent of Sierra Potosi by the north hogback, about 20 miles northeast of Galeana, Nuevo Leon.
Penstemon leptanthus Possibly near Glenwood, Sevier County, Utah, at the north end of the Sevier Plateau.
Penstemon linarioides var. coloradoensis Mountains and plateaus of southwest Beaver, west Iron, Washington, and Kane counties, Utah, adjacent Nevada (to the Sheep Range), south throughout most of Arizona and east to southwest Colorado and west New Mexico.
Penstemon linarioides var. compactifolius Collected in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Coconino Co., Arizona.
Penstemon linarioides var. linarioides Mountains and plateaus of southwest Beaver, west Iron, Washington, and Kane counties, Utah, adjacent Nevada (to the Sheep Range), south throughout most of Arizona and east to southwest Colorado and west New Mexico.
Penstemon linarioides var. maguirei Collected on limestone cliff sides on Metcalf, Greenlee County, Arizona. Known only from the Gila Valley of southeastern Arizona and adjacent New Mexico.
Penstemon linarioides var. sileri Mountains and plateaus of southwest Beaver, west Iron, Washington, and Kane counties, Utah, adjacent Nevada (to the Sheep Range), south throughout most of Arizona and east to southwest Colorado and west New Mexico.
Penstemon longiflorus Tushar and Pavant plateaus and the Mineral and Canyon mountains of Millard, east Beaver, west Piute, and south Sevier counties, Utah.
Penstemon luculentus
Penstemon lyallii
Penstemon marcusii Endemic to the desert in the valley separating the northern Wasatch-West Tavaputs plateaus and the San Rafael Swell, west Carbon and Emery counties, Utah.
Penstemon mensarum Apparently only in Mesa and Delta Counties in Colorado.
Penstemon metcalfei Lookout Mine, Sierra County, New Mexico.
Penstemon miniatus var. miniatus
Penstemon miniatus var. townsendianus
Penstemon miser South Baker County and the north 2/3 of Malheur County, Oregon. Southeastern Oregon and adjacent Idaho to Lassen County, California, and central Nevada. Type locality: Malheur River, Oregon.
Penstemon moffatii In southeast Utah from Utah (near Thistle) and Emery counties to Grand, San Juan, Wayne, and Garfield counties, and north in Duchesne County, and in west Colorado in Garfield, Mesa, and Montrose counties.
Penstemon mohinoranus Native of extreme southwestern Chihuahua, where it is known only from the vicinity of Cerro Mohinora, southwest of Guadalupe and Calvo.
Penstemon monoensis Endemic to the bases of the White and Inyo mountains, Mono and Inyo counties, California. Owens Valley.
Penstemon montanus var. idahoensis Idaho, Cassia County, north of Idaho/Utah line, Goose Creek drainage, near Shoe Spring, in scattered juniper, white tuffaceous outcrops, near Devine Canyon.
Penstemon montanus var. montanus Central and eastern Idaho, western Montana, western Wyoming, and in scattered localities in the Wasatch Range (Franklin Basin, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Timpanogos, and Mt. Nebo areas) and Wasatch Plateau of Utah.
Penstemon moriahensis North Snake Range (near Mt. Moriah) and Kern Mountains, White Pine County, Nevada.
Penstemon moronensis The Sierra Morones at Cerro Mixton, 23 miles from Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico.
Penstemon mucronatus East end of the Uinta Mts. of northeast Utah, northwest Colorado, and adjacent Wyoming.
Penstemon multiflorus South Florida to South Georgia.
Penstemon murrayanus East Texas and in adjacent parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Penstemon nanus Endemic to the edges of Pine Valley and foothills of adjacent Confusion Range and Wah Wah Mts. and the Burbank Hills of Millard and Beaver cos., Utah.
Penstemon navajoa Endemic to the upper portion of Navajo Mountain, San Juan County, Utah.
Penstemon neomexicanus In the El Capitan, Sierra Blanca (White Mountains) and Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico and in the Sierra Madre Occidental of northern Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon neotericus Lassen and Shasta Counties to Sierra County, California. Type locality: halfway between Chester and Westwood, Plumas County.
Penstemon newberryi var. berryi Josephine County, Oregon, to Humboldt and Glenn Counties, California. Type locality: Canyon Creek, Trinity County, California.
Penstemon newberryi var. newberryi Mt. Shasta south through the higher Sierra Nevada to Tulare County, and in the Carson Range of west Nevada; entering our region in the Virginia Mts. (first big canyon northwest of Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada). Type locality: Mt. St. Joseph's.
Penstemon newberryi var. sonomensis Peaks of Lake, Napa, and Sonoma Counties, California. Type locality: summit of Hood's Peak, Sonoma County.
Penstemon nitidus var. nitidus
Penstemon nitidus var. polyphyllus Often on both sides of Buttes, Manitoba to Alberta and northern Wyoming. While the only actual locality is from the border of Saskatchewan, the species presumably extends down the Assiniboine River as suggested by the mention of the Red River.
Penstemon nudiflorus Coconino, Mohave, and Yavapai counties, mountainous regions south of the Grand Canyon, in central Arizona, mostly along the Mogollon Rim.
Penstemon occiduus Collected in the Sierra Madre Occidental, sixty miles south of Guadalupe and Calvo, Chihuahua.
Penstemon oklahomensis Southeast of Bokchito, Bryan County, northeast of Lamar County, Texas. Osage Plains of Oklahoma. Sapulpa, Creek County Oklahoma.
Penstemon oliganthus Two disjunct locations: western New Mexico around Mt. Taylor, and the White Mountains of Arizona.
Penstemon ophianthus Northwest New Mexico, southwest Colorado, southeast and south-central Utah (Utah Plateaus), and northern Arizona.
Penstemon osterhoutii Northwestern Colorado and adjacent Utah. In Colorado, from Eagle to Moffat and Garfield Counties
Penstemon ovatus
Penstemon pachyphyllus var. congestus West Tavaputs, Utah, and Grand Canyon plateaus from the south Uinta Basin of Duchesne County, Utah south to north Arizona and in the Calcareous Mountains Section of west Utah (Wah Wah Mts.) and east-central Nevada (White Pine, Egan, Schell Creek, and Snake ranges).
Penstemon pachyphyllus var. pachyphyllus Uinta Basin and Uinta Mountains in Duchesne, Daggett, and Uintah counties, Utah and adjacent Rio Blanco Coumty, Colorado.
Penstemon pahutensis South-central Nye County, Nevada from Stonewall Mt. to Phaute and Rainier mesas.
Penstemon pallidus North Carolina to Arkansas, Iowa, and Vermont. Kansas: Douglas, Jefferson, Wilson; Missouri: Barton, Cass, Vernon.
Penstemon palmeri var. eglandulosus East and south Nevada, south to southeast California and northwest and central Arizona and introduced in south Idaho and north Utah. Desert washes and sagebrush-covered slopes, Lower Sonoran Zone; ranges west of Death Valley and in the Providence and New York Mountains, California, north to Nevada, east to Utah and Arizona.
Penstemon palmeri var. macranthus East and south Nevada, south to southeast California and northwest and central Arizona and introduced in south Idaho and north Utah. Desert washes and sagebrush-covered slopes, Lower Sonoran Zone; ranges west of Death Valley and in the Providence and New York Mountains, California, north to Nevada, east to Utah and Arizona.
Penstemon palmeri var. palmeri East and south Nevada, south to southeast California and northwest and central Arizona and introduced in south Idaho and north Utah. Desert washes and sagebrush-covered slopes, Lower Sonoran Zone; ranges west of Death Valley and in the Providence and New York Mountains, California, north to Nevada, east to Utah and Arizona.
Penstemon papillatus East slope of the Sierra Nevada in northwest Inyo County and southwest Mono County; entering the region along U.S. Highway 395, just s. of Hilton Creek, Mono County.
Penstemon parryi Occasional in higher and eastern portion of the Sonoran Desert, from Pinal County, Arizona, to southern Sonora. Type locality: On the Rio Gila.
Penstemon parviflorus Known only from the type collection from Montezuma County. Mancos, Montesuma County, Colorado, Upper Sonoran Zone.
Penstemon parvulus Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon to the Scott Mountains, Trinity County, California, reappearing in the high Sierra Nevada of Fresno and Tulare Counties, California. Type locality: mountains above Jackson Lake, California.
Penstemon parvus Endemic to the Aquarius Plateau, south-central Utah. The Button, Aquarius Plateau (Garfield or Wayne County), Utah, Alpine Zone.
Penstemon patens Slopes surrounding Owens Valley in south Mono and north Inyo counties, California and 240 km to the southeast in the Sheep Range, Clark County, Nevada.
Penstemon patricus Deep Creek Range of west Juab and Tooele counties, and House Range of Millard County, Utah and the Kern Mountains of White Pine County, Nevada.
Penstemon payettensis Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon, east across the mountains of central Idaho between the Salmon River and the Snake River Plains to Lemhi County; entering the region in the Owyhee Mountains, Owyhee County, Idaho. Type locality: Payette National Forest, Idaho.
Penstemon paysoniorum Endemic to southwest Wyoming in south Sublette, south Lincoln, Uinta, and southwest Sweetwater counties; to be expected in the vicinity of Evanston and Lone Tree, Uinta County, Wyoming.
Penstemon peckii Eastern slope of the Cascade Range, Oregon, from Mount Hood to Three Sisters.
Penstemon penlandii Colorado: Grand County. Middle Park, north of Colorado River along Troublesome Creek Road above east bank of the creek.
Penstemon pennellianus Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington and adjacent Oregon. Type locality: Joseph Creek Canyon below Flora, Wallowa County, Oregon.
Penstemon perfoliatus Cerro San Felipe, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is restricted to the Mexican state of Oaxaca.
Penstemon perpulcher Snake River Plains and in some of the surrounding foothills from Bingham Co. (west of Blackfoot) to Canyon Co. (around Caldwell), Idaho.
Penstemon personatus Known only from three local colonies in the Sierra Nevada of Butte County, California. Type locality: Flea Valley.
Penstemon petiolatus Beaver Dam Mts. of Washington County, Utah, west across south Nevada in the Desert Range, Sheep Range, and Charleston Mts. pale yellow
Penstemon pinifolius Known in Arizona only from the Clifton area (Greenlee County) and the Chiricahua and Swisshelm Mountains (Cochise County). Southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and adjacent Mexico. Summits of the San Francisco range.
Penstemon pinorum Apparently endemic to southwestern Utah on the slopes of the Pine Valley Mountains.
Penstemon plagapineus Distributed on the higher parts of the western slope of the Sierra Madre Occidental from Durango and Sinaloa south to Nayarit. Type locality: Metates, north of Cueva.
Penstemon playtyphyllus Endemic to Utah in the Wasatch Range from Ogden Canyon, Weber County, south to American Fork Canyon in Utah County and in Indian Canyon 28 mi southwest of Duchesne, Duchesne County.
Penstemon potosinus It is distributed in Mexico in the states of San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.
Penstemon pratensis Southeast Oregon (Steens Mt.), southwest Idaho (Owyhee Mts.), south to Elko County, Nevada (upper Humboldt River drainage), and recurring in the Monitor Range, south Eureka County, Nevada. In moist meadows or stream borders in sagebrush or aspen, Upper Sonoran Zone to Canadian Zone. Type locality: Deeth, Nevada.
Penstemon procerus var. aberrans Endemic to the Utah Plateaus from Soldier Summit of the Wasatch Plateau to the Tushar and Aquarius plateaus.
Penstemon procerus var. brachyanthus Mount Hood, Oregon, southward through the Cascades to the Salmon and Trinity Alps, California. Type locality: Cloud Cap Inn, Mount Hood, Oregon.
Penstemon procerus var. formosus Northeast Oregon (and Steens Mountain), north California, south to Mono County and in the Toquima Range, Nye County, Nevada Alpine peaks of the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon, of the Marble Mountains and Mount Eddy and of the central Sierra Nevada, California, and of the Mount Rose region, Nevada.
Penstemon procerus var. modestus Endemic to the East Humboldt and Ruby Mountains of Elko County, Nevada.
Penstemon procerus var. procerus West cordillera from south Alaska and Yukon south through Washington, Idaho, and Montana to the central Sierra Nevada and adjacent Basin Ranges of California and west Nevada, northeast Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Southern Alaska to eastern Washington and Oregon, and east to Wyoming and southern Colorado.
Penstemon procerus var. tolmiei Western British Columbia south to Mount Adams, Washington. Type locality: Mount Rainier.
Penstemon procumbens Northwestern Gunnison County, Colorado and Keblar Pass.
Penstemon pruinosus Southern British Columbia to central Washington, east of the summit of the Cascades. Type locality: Near the Priest's rapid of the Columbia.
Penstemon pseudoparvus Endemic to subapline meadows in the San Mateo and Magdalena Mts., Socorro County, New Mexico.
Penstemon pseudoputus Kaibab and Markagunt plateaus.
Penstemon pseudospectabilis var. connatifolius Common from Mohave County to Cochise County, Arizona, eastward to Dona Ana County, New Mexico. 'Apache Trail', Salt River Canyon, not many miles from the Roosevelt Dam, Arizona.
Penstemon pseudospectabilis var. pseudospectabilis Southeastern Mojave and Colorado Deserts of California, east to Arizona. Type locality: Chemehuevis Mountains, northwestern Arizona.
Penstemon pudicus Endemic to the Kawich Range, Nye.
Penstemon pumilus Endemic to east-central Idaho in west Custer County, south Lemhi County, west Clark County, and Butte County to the margins of the Snake River Plains in the region between Arco and Howe.
Penstemon purpusi North Coast Range peaks of California from Humboldt and Trinity Counties to Lake County. Type locality: Snow Mountain, Lake County.
Penstemon radicosus North-central Nevada (West Humboldt and Sonoma ranges, southeast Humboldt and east Pershing counties) and northeast Nevada, Elko County), across south Idaho and north Utah to southwest Montana, west Wyoming, and north Colorado.
Penstemon ramaleyi San Luis Valley, Colorado, in Villa Grove, Saguache Creek, Rock Creek Canyon, Bethel and Willey, Wolf Creek Pass.
Penstemon ramosus Arizona: Cochise County: Paradise, Graham County: Frye Mesa, Pinaleno Mountains, Greenlee County: 1/2 mile north of Metcalfe, Pima or Santa Cruz County: Santa Rita Mountains; New Mexico: Bluffs of the Rio Gila.
Penstemon rattanii var. kleei Santa Cruz Mountains, California. Type locality: Ben Lomund, Santa Cruz County.
Penstemon rattanii var. rattanii Lane County, Oregon, to Mendocino County, California. Type locality: Humboldt County, California.
Penstemon reidmoranii Reid Moran's Penstemon Endemic to the southern region of Baja California, near the border with Baja California Sur, extending to the El Azufre region of Baja California Sur.
Penstemon retrorsus Valley of Uncompahgre River in western Colorado.
Penstemon rhizomatosus Endemic to the central Schell Creek Range in White Pine County, Nevada, on or near the summits of Cave Mountain, Cleve Creek Baldy, and Taft Peak.
Penstemon richardsonii var. curtiflorus Northeastern Washington, adjacent British Columbia, and north-central Oregon westward to the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains.
Penstemon richardsonii var. dentatus Northeastern Washington, adjacent British Columbia, and north-central Oregon westward to the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains.
Penstemon richardsonii var. richardsonii Eastern and central Washington and adjacent British Columbia to central Oregon east of the Cascades, and through the Columbia Gap to the lower Williamette River.
Penstemon roezlii South-central Oregon to the Sierra Nevada of the Lake Tahoe district of California; in northern California on both slopes of the Sierra, but toward its southern limits more restricted to the eastern side of the mountains, extending the range slightly into Nevada.
Penstemon roseus Was P. kunthii. This is the most widely distributed species in Mexico; it occurs in the states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Nayarit, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Hidalgo, Puebla, Veracruz, Colima, Michocan, Mexico, Distrito Federal, Morelos, Tlaxcala, Guerrero and Oaxaca.
Penstemon rostriflorus East slope of the Sierra Nevada from Alpine County south to the Tehachapi Mountains and mountains of south California, east across the south halves of Nevada and Utah to southwest Colorado and south to north Arizona and northwest New Mexico.
Penstemon rotundifolius Mapula, Potrero, and other mountains, near Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon rubicundus Endemic to the Wassuk Range, Mineral County, and an outlier to the west in the south Pine Nut Mountains, Douglas County, Nevada.
Penstemon rupicola Both slopes of the Cascades from central Washington to northernmost California. Type locality: Mount Rainier.
Penstemon rydbergii var. aggregatus Southwest Wyoming (Uinta County), southeast Idaho, and Utah (Raft River and Wasatch mountains and Utah Plateaus) to north Arizona.
Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis Cascade-Sierran axis of Oregon and California and west and north Nevada. Washington (Kittitas County) southward, mostly east of the Cascades, to Inyo and Fresno Counties, California; local in the Coast Range in Glenn County, California; east to western Idaho and northern Nevada.
Penstemon rydbergii var. rydbergii Southeastern Washington, norhteastern Oregon (and on Steens Moutain), extreme northeastern corner of Nevada, Idaho to southwestern Montana, Wyoming (except southwestern corner), northeastern Utah (Uinta Mountains), Colorado, and north New Mexico.
Penstemon saltarius Sierra Madre Occidental, near Durango, Mexico.
Penstemon saxosorum Southeastern Wyoming and northern and west-central Colorado; on both continental slopes; Woods Creek, Albany County, Wyoming.
Penstemon scapoides Endemic to the Inyo-White Mts. in Inyo and Mono counties, California. Type locality: Westgard Pass.
Penstemon scariosus var. albifluvis West-central Uintah County, Utah and adjacent Rio Blanco County, Colorado.
Penstemon scariosus var. cyanomontanus It is endemic to east central Uintah County, Utah, and adjacent Rio Blanco County, Colorado.
Penstemon scariosus var. garrettii East side of the south Wasatch Range, Uinta Mountains, Blue Mountain, and West and East Tavaputs plateaus.
Penstemon scariosus var. scariosus Wasatch, Fish Lake, and northern Aquarius plateaus.
Penstemon secundiflorus Southern Wyoming through central Colorado to central New Mexico. In Colorado, common across the state along the eastern base of the mountains as well as in North, Middle, and South Parks.
Penstemon seorsus Harney (south to Steens Mt.) and Malheur counties, to Jefferson County, Oregon and Owyhee County, Idaho. Dry hills and plains, Arid Transition Zone; Jefferson, Crook, and Harney Counties, Oregon, to southwestern Idaho.
Penstemon sepalulus Endemic to Utah, in the south Wasatch Range in American Fork, Provo, Hobble Creek, and Spanish Fork canyons, Utah County and slopes of Mt. Nebo, Juab County and some disjuncts in Fish Lake, Sevier County and Zion National Park, Washington County.
Penstemon serrulatus Mostly west of the crest of the Cascade Mountains from southern Alaska to northwestern Oregon. Type locality: N.W. Coast of America.
Penstemon skutchii Type locality at the base of Mt. Mohinora, Chihuahua, 8 miles from Guadalupe and Calvo.
Penstemon smallii Woods, Blue Ridge and Appalachian Valley, North Carolina and Tennessee.
Penstemon spatulatus Wallowa Mountains, Wallowa County, Oregon. Type locality: Ice Lake, head of Adams Creek, Wallowa Mountains.
Penstemon speciosus Central Washington to south California, remaining mostly east of the Cascade-Sierran crest, east to southwest Idaho (Owyhee and Jarbidge mountains), west Utah (Raft River and Deep Creek mountains) and as far south in Nevada as the Silver Peak, Toiyabe, Toquima, Monitor, White Pine, Egan, and Schell Creek ranges. Type locality: Spokane River.
Penstemon spectabilis var. spectabilis Eastern Los Angeles County, California, to northern Lower California. Type locality: San Pasqual, San Diego County.
Penstemon spectabilis var. subviscosus The common form in California from the Liebre and Santa Monica Mountains to the outwash fans of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. Type locality: Claremont, Los Angeles County.
Penstemon stenophyllus Huachuca and Patagonia mountains (Cochise and Santa Cruz counties), Southeastern Arizona, Sonora, and Chihuahua.
Penstemon stephensii Kingston and Providence Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert, California.
Penstemon strictiformis Southeast Utah (San Juan County), southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico and northeast Arizona.
Penstemon strictus East Uinta Mountains, Utah Plateaus, and Canyon Lands sections of Utah to south Wyoming, west Colorado, north New Mexico and northeast Arizona.
Penstemon subglaber West Wyoming from the Gros Ventre and Wind River mountains, south into Utah through the Uinta Mountains, east slope of the south Wasatch Mountains from Park City southward, and in the Wasatch and Fish Lake plateaus; also in the vicinity of Pocatello, Idaho.
Penstemon subserratus East flank of the Cascade Range, from Yakima County, Washington to Mount Hood, Oregon. Type locality: Gotchen Creek Ranger Station, Columbia National Forest, Yakima County, Washington.
Penstemon subulatus Central Arizona from central Mohave County to western Graham County. The type is from Hackberry, Arizona.
Penstemon sudans Endemic to the vicinity of Susanville, Lassen County, California, east to adjacent Washoe County, Nevada. Arid Transition Zone.
Penstemon superbus Greenlee, Graham, and Cochise counties, New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and Chihuahua, Mexico.
Penstemon tenuiflorus Alabama to Kentucky.
Penstemon tenuifolius
Penstemon tenuis Restricted to the Gulf Prairies and Marshes, also Louisiana and Arkansas.
Penstemon tepicensis
Penstemon teucrioides In Colorado only, in Park, Caffee, Gunnison, Saguache, and Hinsdale Counties.
Penstemon thompsoniae var. desperatus
Penstemon thompsoniae var. jaegeri In Nevada from south Eureka, south White Pine, northeast Nye, and north Lincoln counties, south to the Sheep Range, Clark County; in California in the New York Mountains and Clark Mountain, San Bernardino County; in Utah in Kane County; in Arizona the Grand Canyon region and disjunct in Graham County.
Penstemon thompsoniae var. thompsoniae In Nevada from south Eureka, south White Pine, northeast Nye, and north Lincoln counties, south to the Sheep Range, Clark County; in California in the New York Mountains and Clark Mountain, San Bernardino County; in Utah in Kane County; in Arizona the Grand Canyon region and disjunct in Graham County.
Penstemon thurberi Southern California in the Providence Mountains, the Little San Bernardino Mountains, and San Felipe, to northern Lower California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Type locality: Burro Mountains, New Mexico.
Penstemon tidestromii San Pitch Mountains and adjacent Wasatch Plateau, San Pete County, Utah.
Penstemon tiehmii Endemic to Mount Lewis of the Shoshone Range, Lander County, Nevada.
Penstemon tracyi At the head of White's Creek, Devil's Canyon Mountains, Trinity County, California.
Penstemon triflorus var. integrifolius Western Edwards Plateau, extending north into Colorado River valley, Texas.
Penstemon triflorus var. triflorus Endemic to the Edwards Plateau.
Penstemon triphyllus Whorled Penstemon, Riggin's Penstemon Snake River and its tributaries, eastern Washington and Oregon, to western Idaho. Type locality: Blue Mountains of North-west America.
Penstemon tubaeflorus var. achoreus
Penstemon tubaeflorus var. tubaeflorus East Nebraska, east 2/3 of Kansas, Missouri, & east 1/2 of Oklahoma. Sporadic in east Texas.
Penstemon uintahensis Endemic to the higher slopes at the east end of the Uinta Mountains from vicinity of Red Castle Lake, east to Dyer Mountain, Utah.
Penstemon utahensis Canyon Lands of Utah from south Emery and south Grand counties, south and west across the south Utah and the Grand Canyon plateaus to the basin Ranges in Clark County, Nevada and adjacent San Bernardino County, California (Kingston and New York Mountains). Occasional in canyons and on mesas, Lower Sonoran Zone; ranges of the eastern Mojave Desert, California.
Penstemon venustus Blue and Wallowa Mountains of Washington and Oregon, east to north central Idaho.
Penstemon versicolor Upper valley of Arkansas River, Colorado.
Penstemon virens Eastern slope of Medicine Bow Range, southeastern Wyoming, to Culebra Range, southeastern Colorado; common through middle areas; also west of Medicine Bow Mountains in upper valley of North Platte River, in Carbon County, Wymoing, and Jackson County, Colorado, perhaps crossing from the north into Middle Park.
Penstemon virgatus var. asa-grayii North and west New Mexico and on the Coconino Plateau from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff, Williams, and Prescott and one collection reported from the Kaibab Plateau.
Penstemon virgatus var. virgatus North and west New Mexico and on the Coconino Plateau from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff, Williams, and Prescott and one collection reported from the Kaibab Plateau.
Penstemon vizcainensis Arroyo Largo 16 km east of the mouth, Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California to Mexico. Gravelly arroyo bed west of San Jose de Castro.
Penstemon vulcanellus Durango, Mexico
Penstemon wardii Foothills surrounding Sevier Valley from near Manti to Richfield, San Pete and Sevier counties, Utah.
Penstemon washingtonensis Western Okanogan and northern Chelan Counties, Washington. Type locality: junction of Nelson Butte and Copper Mountain roads, north of Lake Chelan, Chelan County.
Penstemon watsonii Mountains of central and east Nevada (north Nye, central Lander, and Eureka counties to White Pine and Elko counties), southwest Idaho (south Owyhee and Twin Falls counties), through all but the north 1/4 and south 1/5 of Utah to southwest Wyoming and northwest Colorado.
Penstemon whippleanus Southwest Montana, southeast Idaho (also in the Black Pine Mountains, Cassia County), and west and south Wyoming, south through Utah (absent in the Bonneville Basin Section except in the Deep Creek Range) and Colorado to north Arizona and New Mexico.
Penstemon wilcoxii Rare in Washington (Kamiak Butte; Blue Mountains); frequent in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon east to western Montana. Type locality: Kalispell, Montana.
Penstemon wislizenii
Penstemon wrightii Mountains of the Trans-Pecos, common in Jeff Davis Co., endemic.
Penstemon x bryantiae
Penstemon x crideri var. eatonii x pseudospectabilis
Penstemon x dubius var. centranthifolius X grinnellii Mount Lowe, San Gabrial Mountains, Los Angeles County, California.
Penstemon x jonesii var. eatonii x laevis
Penstemon x mirus var. eatonii x palmeri
Penstemon x parishii From Los Angeles County to San Diego County, California. Type locality: S.E. California, in the Cucamonga Mountains.
Penstemon x peirsonii var. grinnellii x speciosus Seymour Creek, Mt. Pinos, Ventura Co., California.
Penstemon yampaensis Endemic to a small area from McKinnon (Sweetwater County, Wyoming) to south of Manila (Daggett County, Utah).